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Introducing elyvate: The digital task force solution by Berylls.

The latest innovation by Berylls to efficiently streamline task force operations. Specifically tailored for the automotive industry, it enhances your project management and reporting capabilities. With elyvate, you can experience the future of task force management.

elyvate, your digital task force solution by Berylls.

All you need in one place. Our solution helps your task force gain clarity, track progress, and connect your KPIs directly with your measures and shop floor. elyvate provides a single platform for easy access by all parties, with the highest security standards. We developed this unique solution in close cooperation with our experienced Berylls Strategy consultants, who have decades of industry experience.

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Track it all
Take full control of your task force with our digital project dashboard and work package overview. Easily track and manage all your targets and measures with just a few clicks.
Report in seconds
We understand the challenge of creating a comprehensive report that management can appreciate. With elyvate, you can generate such a report within seconds, incorporating the latest data from your work packages.
Easy planning
With our custom-built Kanban Board, all task force members can plan their tasks, whether it's on a project, work package, or individual level. elyvate has you covered.
Security for your company
We ensure data security and compliance with the latest standards for your data. Whether it's SSL certification, GDPR compliance, or a basic Tisax license, we've got you covered.
All you need under one hood
elyvate combines your standard task force tools into a single source of truth! If you're pushing it to the limit, you can easily upload your KPIs as an Excel or image file.
elyvate will help you to run your task force.
Task force management
Create your project
In elyvate, you can set up your project with clients, consultancies, and multiple suppliers, if needed, regardless of its complexity.
Invite your team
elyvate is strictly role-based, with individual permissions to view and change certain things. Invite your team members according to their roles and start working.
Create your work packages
We understand that each task force and team is unique. That's why we provide a customizable setup for your work packages.
Get notifications
Receive notifications for events that are important to you. If you prefer not to receive notifications, you can easily disable them in your user settings.
Status update
With just two clicks, you can change the status of your work package and automatically notify all the people who should be informed about those changes.
List or card, you deceide
You have the flexibility to choose between a card or list view for your project dashboard. The card view provides more details, while the list view offers a comparison view.
Change the report date
As a project leader, you can adjust the global reporting date for your project in 2 clicks to give your task force a little extra time when needed
Utilize version control
We track your progress and changes made in elyvate. If you accidentally delete something, you can always restore it using our version control.
You can select up to four Top KPIs that will always be displayed at the top of your overview. Of course, you can create many more KPIs that will be listed in KPI your overview.
Stay on target
Always keep your targets in focus. With that being said, the first thing on each work package are your targets.
Create measures
To get back on track, your measures play a crucial role. Every user has the ability to create measures, add attachments, and edit their status.
Identify top measures
Some measures are more important than others. Therefore, you can select the most important ones as top measures to keep them at the top of the list.
KPI Wizard
Create your KPI
Our KPI wizard provides a range of options to create KPIs. With the ability to set targets and derive measures, users can ensure they stay on track and achieve their project targets.
Choose your chart type
The KPI wizard, which is highly customizable, offers a variety of options for creating KPIs. To begin, you select one of four different types.
Populate your KPI
If you need to integrate extra data, you can populate your KPI with elyvate or simply upload an Excel file.
Style your KPI
Choose from a set of pre-defined colors and patterns based on your project needs. With Elyvate, your KPI will always look stunning.
Measures to Kanban
Our highly unique Kanban Board offers a comprehensive view where you can monitor all your measures per work package in just one, single dashboard. No need to switch between different platforms or screens - all the information you need is right there at your fingertips.
Customize your view
We understand that different users have different needs. Therefore, you can choose your preferred view: whether you want a classic LOP or a Kanban view. You can make this choice with just a few clicks.
Escalation automation
No one likes to escalate measures, so we have built a clear indicator to show when things are about to get out of hand. This indicator enables each user to take the appropriate actions.
Upcoming features
Coming soon
Shopfloor integration
With our digital task force solution, we can connect the real shop floor with elyvate. By doing so, you will be able to automatically update your KPIs and stay on top of your production.
KPI Wizard 2.0
Our beloved KPI Wizard will undergo a complete makeover, featuring new chart types, AI-powered features, and a global Excel upload to enhance the smooth handling of your KPIs.
Smart measures
Supercharge your measures with AI-powered suggestions based on the decades of experience from Berylls Consultancy.

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